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We think your Wedding day is exceedingly special, and it should have the attention it deserves;

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Your very special wedding day will be captured for a lifetime by a professional wedding photographer using professional digital cameras.  We provide digital negatives with all packages, which allows you to print whenever you so desire.

As your day draws to an end, your guests have had a great time chatting and catching up with each other.  You are about to head off with your husband (it will take a quite a while to get use to calling him this) to begin your honeymoon.  You soon arrive home; your love abounds, it has been a brilliant time, just the two of you and you wish the holiday would never be over.

Your wedding rings are on, he however keeps fiddling with his, and it’ll take quite a while for him to become use to wearing it.  As you walk through the door to your new home, your gifts are there, ready to be placed around your home. Over the years they slowly blend into your surroundings and the question arises, did we buy that or was it given to us?

With the honeymoon now over you are eager to view your photos, this will bring back memories of your day as though you were back there again.  You will see moments that you were not aware of; expressions of laughter and joy captured unexpectedly.  There are photos of you getting ready and having hair and makeup, and pictures of your friends laughing at something...what was it again?  There are pictures of the jewellery, perfume, shoes and flowers you chose and were given.

There are photographs of your new husband; you remember the exact look on his face as your eyes met; his delight as you walked down the aisle towards him, one slow step after the other.  He does his utmost to hold his emotions in, you are simply stunning.  This is one of the moments in time that you have his complete, undivided attention.  There is nothing else that matters, his eyes do not move from yours, not for a second. He thinks, ‘This is my wife, you are beautiful.’

You will find photographs that have documented your entire day.  Without these photos will you remember what the cake looked like in years to come?  How about 30 years or 50 years from now?  We both know your children and grand-children will definitely want to see your wedding day and you’ll want to share it with them. This is why choosing a photographer to document your day is soooo very important.

Your photographs should touch you, well emotion and take you right back to that moment, right there, right now.  Choice of the right photographer can do this, capturing all these moments throughout your day.  It is the single most important choice that you will have to make today, a choice that will have you proudly emailing pictures to your family and friends.  These same photos will adorn your walls in prints made of canvas.  They will be displayed prominently on your desk or wall at work, and when opening your purse they’ll be there as well.

This is what we capture each and every weekend, Wedding Photography is what we provide, it’s what we love doing.  Let us capture your day for you.

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