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Q. Do we have to come and see you to book?
A. No not at all.  The majority of my brides I meet on the actual wedding day, so no you don’t have to see us prior.

Q. Can we come and see your work in person?
A. You are most welcome to.  Please phone to make an appointment for during the week.  Appointments are between 10:00am and 7:00pm at our premises.

Q. Do we have to purchase an Album when we book or straight after the wedding?
A. No, Albums are a personal choice, though highly recommended.  You do not have to purchase an Album, and if you do choose to, then they can be purchased at any point in time.

Q. Do we have to purchase one of your Canvas Photo Paintings?
A. No.  With the majority of weddings I choose an image that would suite this form of art and then of my own fruition make the photo-painting.  The selected photo-painting is shown to you on the front of your DVD cover that contains your wedding photos.  A note is made to you advising of this and how to purchase it if you so desire.  If you do choose to purchase then this can be done at any point in time.

Q. Will you charge for travel to photograph our wedding?
A. ONLY when the distance from our office is one and a half hours or greater, we then have travel charges that start at $150.00

Q. How much time should I allow for photographing our wedding?
A. I have detailed below a general timing guide for a very average 7 to 9 hour wedding that we photograph every single weekend, this is what we do, and this is what we know, trust us, let us do our job well, give us TIME, COLOUR, FUN and PASSION...




The “ideal” time for a ceremony is 1:00pm to 1:30pm as you can quite easily work out from below; however in saying this, we will photograph around any time that suites your day, including night weddings.  To put it simply, we need time and plenty of it.


1. Start with the Bride at least 3 to 4 hours prior to the ceremony.  Remember, the Groom has not seen any of your preparation day and these photos look really great, especially in an Album, and the albums we produce are simply stunning, they are leather bound, hand crafted and heirloom quality; they are not store bought or available in any shop.

We take photos of your jewellery, perfume, shoes, wedding dress, flowers, make-up and hair…

Photos of you before getting ready (in whatever you are all wearing while having your hair and make-up done) and once you are in your dresses.

We are documenting your day one photograph at a time.

You need to be FULLY dressed and ready about 3 hours before the ceremony so we can photograph you and your family, and then move on to the guys.

2. We head over to the ceremony location about 1 to 1¼ hours prior and start photographing the Groom, his parents, and the Groomsmen.

NOTE: You must allow for Travel time between locations; have you travelled on the same weekday and at the same time as you are being married?

Do you know how long it takes with everything going well?

3. Capture the Bridal car arriving roadside.

4. Photos of the Bride in the Bridal car and stepping out.

5. Ceremony, 20 to 45 minutes, or 1 hour+ for a Catholic wedding.

6. Meet and greet after the ceremony, 15 minutes+

7. Family photographs, 20 to 45 minutes.

8. Location photographs – this is the most important part because these photos will go on your wall, desk, in your wallet, be sent to family and friends, and as such it requires as much time (there’s that word again) as possible with your wedding party and most importantly you and your husband… time, time and more time…

1 to 2 locations. Sometimes a single location is all that is required due to what is available within walking distance of that location.

The more variation the better when it comes to locations, as this gives you the greatest variation in captured and created images.

9. 5:30 to 6:15pm Sunset shots, you can check the exact time for your location on the internet.

10. Back to the Reception – Please don’t worry about your guests, the reason being is every bride does; and your guests, well they will have found a local pub or café and by the time we arrive they will be eating nibbles’ having had a great afternoon catching up with friends and family.  They are big enough and old enough to look after themselves while we are out having fun photographing.  So please don’t worry about your guests, they won’t be worrying about you guys.  We need time, time and more time…

At this point you will have had enough of being photographed and will be looking forward to relaxing and enjoying your evening, so about 15 minutes is required at the Reception; table shots before the guests are let in (preferably), mock cutting of the cake, a “private” dance just for the two of you.  Finishing time is between 6:00 and 7:00pm.

With all of the above information you can easily calculate backwards the amount of time required for your day.
What you won’t miss having given us extra time (especially between the ceremony and the reception) is having extra photos; no one has ever said, “I have too many beautiful photos”…

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